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Helloooo Nuuuurrrrssse,
We are very close to a working cut of the pilot episode, with cutaways being worked in for good measure. While we’re dying to show you the episode, there is still the not so small matter of color correction.

With that in mind, we have placed an ad on gumtree to find an intrepid video editor who would be willing to join our team and grade the footage.


Fingers & toes crossed, watch this space!


Color Grading, anyone?

Guest Post – Samantha Sheratt as Allie


Hey all, editing is still in full swing and going rather well, I must say. Here is a little post that our lead actress wrote during filming, enjoy! – Zaeem

“So. Phat Fyterz. I had the phone call last week from Zaeem being told I had just been cast as the lead character of Allie in the Pilot of Phat Fyterz, the new TV series.

My auditions were filmed by my friend on her iphone in some rather interesting locations (a secret door through the disabled toilets that leads into the pipe and storage room) so I was quite impressed my acting managed to be good enough to overcome the weird location and iphone camera.

After a colder than it looked rehearsal in front of the London Eye last Sunday, today we went to London Bridge to hang about in front of a shop and look like we were generally up to no good (again, definitely colder than expected).

I got to tell a man off for eating too many bananas (in the short time we were there I saw him eating 3 – that’s just too many bananas for anyone and who knows how many more he’d eaten before I saw him) Allie stole booze from a poor bespectacled man and also had a piggy back race and won, and I generally ran around trying not to freeze.

After a warming drink in a pub afterwards we sorted out all the shoot dates and watched the Wakefield Wildcats (my home town team) lose a rugby match really badly and also introduced Mo who plays Toby to the wonderful warming drink that is Baileys.

My fingers are really crossed that we get some of that beautiful sunshine back into our lives for the next outside shoot dates. Can you tell I don’t like being cold?!

Bring on the next scenes!-Sam”

And CUT!


Hurrah! Celebrate good times Cmon!! We have finishing our main shoot! YAAY!

It was a great fun, however I personally was very close to killing Z as it was VERY cold on some of those days, just as London got used to the glorious warmth and sunshine! Have you ever been so cold you just wanted to cry?? lol

I have to give it to our amazing cast, regardless of the weather, powered through the wind and rolled with the punches! (punches being the random bouts of gust which were swiftly met with a collective oooh… or oooww…) One of our actresses even had to jog around the block a few times just to keep herself warm! That’s definitely the spirit right there! Despite the very uncomfortable weather conditions and lack of layers – they were all extremely professional and got on with the job.

We had a couple of dodgy stares from passers by, to be expected though right? One curious cyclist even shouted ‘What are you doing!’ either in a concerned tone, or baffled one, could not quite tell, but after an explanation eventually got bored and wandered off into the wilderness that is London Bridge.

Don’t go away, more blog posts to come 🙂


PFZ Guest Post – Julia Lacey as Jeanny Abbot


This is the first of half a dozen guest posts by members of our cast. We were looking for an actress to play the main character’s mum. It had to be someone who could display the strength required to bring up a child as a lone parent and also the nurturing and affectionate side that reminds us all of our own mum. We found Julia’s showreel on youtube and proceeded to invite her for an audition, the rest, as they say, is history – Zaeem

“I have always enjoyed acting and in my younger days was involved with Desborough Players an amateur dramatics society and was in productions for them.
Later in life when my children were older I again started to do amdram at Farnworth Little Theatre and played Sue in Abigail’s Party , the woman in Elegy for a Lady and Stella in House Guest.  At the same time I was doing extras work and an evening course in acting at college.  I decided I wanted to make acting my profession and to this end I did a BA (Hons) degree in Performing Arts at the University of Salford gaining a 2:1.  Of the 200 students on the Performing arts courses we auditioned and 20 were chosen to perform in the showcase at The Royal Exchange Theatre.  I played the role of The Sex Worker from The Vagina monologues and also the mother in a duologue in Looking After Tom.

I finished my degree course in 2009 and have since acted in corporate films, music videos, short independent films and performed in a fringe production of The Importance of Being Earnest playing Miss Prism.

I am very much enjoying filming the pilot for PhatFyterz.  I love the idea of exploring the subjects of mental health/parenthood/coming of age in the world we live in today.  Mental Health is an area that isn’t often portrayed accurately in the media and I believe Zaeem has an important message to put across.  I am proud to be one of the actors involved in this project and hope it does well.”


Z’s Journey to Kingston


So today I took Zaeem to visit one of the locations PFZ will be using for a scene, in the lovely Kingston upon Thames!

To be honest we could not have asked for a better day! It was just perfect – birds were singing, it was warm and sunny! With England you never know when it will be Sunny again so you have to lap it all up while you can!! And it is in this type of weather that you can really experience the beauty that Kingston has to offer

Our shoot location is at my very own beloved Kingston University (Wahey!) My campus have been very kind in allowing the team to shoot in the Nursing school at Kingston Hill campus where there is a ‘Skills room’ that has been built to look like an actual hospital ward, beds, curtains, flooring, equipment, sinks the full Monty! It is actually quite a weird sensation when you walk in through the door. You are immediately overwhelmed with that uncomfortable feeling that seems to wash over you when your in an actual hospital. The room has everything down to a T! The immaculate levels of hygiene, the decor!

The room is designed to allow student Nurses to role play emergency situations. Ideally, any mistakes would be made in this room, as the safety net is that its not real! No one suffers at the consequence of your mistakes. So when these amazing Nurses to be do face any medical emergency, they can face it head on having been prepared before hand.

A massive thank you is needed for Susan Rush, a Principal Lecturer at the Nursing school who has given us a lot of advice and guidance and of course permission to film in the building! Can you imagine trying to ask permission to film in a real hospital? it would be MADNESS lol

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. Mika is over and out!



Extra, Extra read all about it!! Phat Fyterz have finally cast all the characters for the production!

Auditions were definitely a learning curve and I have a new found respect for everyone involved in the audition process, both the actors/actresses and the Directors. It is extremely difficult to not let personal feelings and emotions cloud your judgement!

The cast shall soon be announced!! They are an amazing, talented group of people and I for one am very happy to have them on board and excited to see what will happen next!


Radio Silence is not cool!


On behalf of the entire Phat Fyterz Clan (Yes I said Clan!!) We are all VERY sorry for how quiet and lonely the blog has been.. and of course our audience 😉

A lot has happened for PFZ over the past few months and we have been extremely busy, you kind of forget how easy it is to get completely caught up in what you are doing, forgetting that your neglecting the poor blog.. and you 😀

So just to quickly catch up one of of the exciting things we have been up to is our casting! We had a full day of casting at Brick Lane, at a lovely venue at The Rag Factory. The owner Silas was amazing and we would definitely recommend his services to other people! SO if anyone needs a venue at a great price! Don’t be shy and contact us and we can hook you up!

But damn was doing the auditions tiring! I wasn’t even the one acting or moving! lol! It was great fun and I got to meet lots of people. I also learnt that judging people in terms of their ability is actually a lot more difficult then you think it is! It is quite easy to sit there in front of your TV and yell abuse at that crappy singer on the X Factor auditions, yet when your staring that person in the face knowing that what you think and say will determine that persons involvement in a project is actually a little surreal!

Now here is the tough part… Who do we choose? Time to hit the drawing board! Until next time guys!


Rain, Sleet, ACTION – PFZ has a video!

Zombie Undead

So…this happened.

So..  after lots of words being jumbled and many confused judgmental stares from passers by and several.. and by several I mean MANY attempts (mostly on my part and Zaeem’s lol) we finally filmed our Crowdfunding video Pitch! (Yay!) The video was shot at the beautiful London Bridge, and in true British style, the weather of course was crap! But such a thing could never deter the almighty team members of Phat Fyterz!

Do you ever have two words in mind, and then when you actually try to speak,instead of saying them separately, you combine the two words together? That happened a lot during filming.. to me… it is an unfortunate side effect from being so intelligent and having to process so much knowledge at such high speeds, it ends up coming out all at once 😀 and if I wasn’t creating new words for the English Dictionary, I was making up lines that did not really make sense, as you do! The day was great fun! I had loads of fun distracting other members whilst filming with my silly dances, you know the dance you do when its really cold, and you need to keep warm? I also made friends with a lovely little dog who thought it would be a great idea to weave around my feet as I was walking.

Make up, costume

Sharing Filipino Munchies

Alice managed to do her part in one take, putting everyone else to shame, apart from me, my excuse was my intelligence, I have no idea why everyone else sucked 😛 Big thanks to Chris for filming Zaeem’s part of the Video! He had to hold it very steadily and not turn around whilst walking backwards, having Susi to guide him so as he didn’t fall over 🙂 Or crush any small children, the former reason was the most important! 😀 I wasn’t allowed to hold the camera 😦 I have very unsteady hands!.. and because I break everything, electronics specifically, although I have a sneaking suspicion I wasn’t allowed to hold the camera because Zaeem was just jealous that Susi gave me some sexy lip gloss to put on when it was my turn to be filmed and didn’t offer him any.
But yes! The filming was a success! and will be available for you all to watch in
Make Up Diva

Trying to get my make-up right…me=diva

awe very soon! In case some of you do not know what Crowdfunding is and are wondering “what the hell is this ‘Crowdfunding’ word she keeps mentioning… is she MAD!?” The concept is basically an initiative to help a particular person/project/event/campaign etc raise awareness and money by appealing to people who share similar interests to donate money (hence the word funding!, the world crowd – hopefully being YOU) Most pitches only last around 2 minutes! I sincerely hope that after watching this video, you will all be inspired by our enthusiasm and our vision!

Over and Out! – MIKA
Crew girls

My favorite expression: Screwed up face

I am Mika, hear me ROAR!


So it begins…here is finally the first of many to come blog posts for team Phat Fyterz! (rawr!) My name is Mika, and I am the PA and blogger (as you can see) of Phat Fyterz.

I found out about the Phat Fyterz project on my daily scan of Gumtree, whilst of course obsessively browsing YouTube for funny videos of cats (It is my guilty pleasure, I honestly cannot help myself!) you never know what you might find on that site. It is extremely useful – I have found jobs, free stuff, events plus more! This particular project appealed to me as I study business, (which)for me is very suppressive, and any kind of personality or creativity you do have isn’t really appreciated or necessary. Once upon a time I was bustling with creativity, thoughts and ideas, but that was only in school, college etc. I am extremely jealous of people who work in the creative industry, unlike them I decided to pursue a career that will make me money, not make me happy. A word of advice! Find a job that you love, and never work a day in your life.

I was incredibly nervous about meeting everyone at first for this ‘Introductory meeting’, who wouldn’t be? I was about to go and meet up a group of strangers who could all have been crazy axe murderers. Thankfully they were not all axe wielding nutcases, they were actually normal people! (Yay!) Myself and other members of the team managed to find each other before we even found Zaeem (No thanks to his crappy directions lol) I overheard Susi ask Alice if she was here to meet Zaeem too, I of course got all excited and was like OMG MEE TOO! Like a little school girl, must have been a great first impression 😉

This was the proposed agenda for the meeting:

  • Crew Introductions: 15min
  • PFZ 5* character outline and 1st season story Arc: 30min
  • PFZ Pilot script reading: 15min
  • Proposed Production Timeline and availability: 15min
  • Roles and Responsibilities (may take longer depending on no. of attendees): 10min
  • Crowdfunding Brainstorming: 15min
  • Q&A: 10min
  • AOB: 10min

Can you believe it; this all actually took a marathon 3 hours. The strangest thing for me was that it did not actually feel like 3 hours, and I am sure like many others in the world, I have an INCREDIBLY short attention span: I once thought I was going deaf, so went to doctors to have all sorts of tests done, for my doc to only tell me ‘Nope, you’re not deaf, you just don’t pay attention and listen to people’ Lovely eh? I could not believe it when Zaeem mentioned that it was 11pm. Conversation just seemed to have flowed so freely, I was just so comfortable in our little get together, and that engaged in the topic that we must have been in our own little world to have let 3 hours slip past us.

For me, the beauty of art and all its sub-sections is its ability to bring people together, Through Phat Fyterz I have met some awesome people, I LOVE that they are nothing like me, nor my friends/family – They are different and I love it, it’s refreshing! (I hope the feeling is mutual! Or I will end up looking like a complete dick Lol) It is incredible and I love the diversity of people that I have met being on this team. For me, it really is difficult to comprehend that you can miss out on meeting some really great people simply by being pigeon holed into going to the same bar, same restaurant, club etc, it all becomes too familiar and boring. This has been the start of something that I know is going to be really fun and interesting, possibly stressful, but what’s the point if the tasks you take on aren’t challenging huh?

Our next task is for some of the members to go off for some fun location scouting, and then some time down the line we will all shoot our Crowdfunding video – to put our acting abilities to the test! Bound to be amusing! I would love to keep the outtakes of it that is for sure! Until next time guys!


Its all part of the plan.

The notebook that I used to write Phat Fyterz

The Scriptbook

I shall hereby declare my thoughts on writing, directing, acting, producing and other film related ‘ings’. I promise you an interesting (for me) read once a week (at least). I’ll also try and include pictures each time, coz i’m a media consuming freak and so should everyone else be.

The first project i’ll talk about here is ‘PHAT FYTERZ’. I wrote the outline for PHAT FYTERZ early last year on my work blackberry on the way to a site outside london, instead of preparing for my meeting with a customer.  Phat Fyterz is a web series about an ensemble of ladies under 30 at different stages of their careers, relationships and life in general. And no, its nothing like Sex and The City…brrrr.

I only started writing an outline of the first episode, about three weeks ago and a week after that I had my first draft. Last week, I wrote two additional drafts. So we’re now at V3 which is pretty much Alpha as far as i’m concerned. There is one ‘I’ page that’s bothering me and I hope to have it shortened by the weekend.

Cover of On Filmmaking Book

Brain Rewiring Read

I have also been reading ‘On Filmmaking’ by Alexander Mackendrick which has proved invaluable in helping me write dialogue or perhaps write less dialogue and ‘show’ more. I’m only on chapter 1 but its already changed the way I think about story and character development.

I am currently looking for an assistant director to help me with planning and if he or she can draw, all the better as i’m currently story-boarding and preparing my shots. I’m also developing a few ideas about how to raise the cash to shoot the pilot and budgeting. I also now have a list of networks that I would like to pitch the series to, once the pilot is ready.

Target for next week is to write a fourth draft, get a specific part of dialogue reviewed by someone in the medical field, translate at least 8 more pages into a storyboard (only done 2 so far) and read another chapter of pearls from Alex Mac.

Pray we succeed.