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Remember Hopscotch?


In last year’s¬†creative collaboration post, I mentionned Old Mauritia. I have since worked on a short video with them and that has given me a reason to dust off the camera. I tried my hand at a different kind of filmmaking: Visual comedy.

This term bring to mind Charlie Chaplin, Benny Hill & many other classics. This often dialogue-less form of entertainment is the hardest to pull off in my opinion as with a reduced amount of words, I find it hard to convey meaning and comedy across. When I started on the script, I felt very much out of my comfort zone and after a number of attemps, I decided to only write an outline and to wing it on the day of filming.

I would never recommend winging it at all when it comes to filmmaking but old habits die hard. Turns out that improvising the scenes and character actions worked much better in this case than what I had attempted to write. The shoot was done at short notice (read 1 day notice), therefore we didn’t have much time to find actors so I put myself in it alongside Goolshun, the founder of Old Mauritia.

I would also never recommend directing and acting at the same time because the last time I tried this (my first attempt at filmmaking) ended up in abject failure in terms of delivering a decent film. Although a lot was learned from that project. I brought my tripod, setup the camera and started filming from a shot list that was mostly in my head. Credit to Goolshun for putting up with my dictatorial directing style and my budding staging skills. I would have strangled me if I was working with me…

Early on in the brainstorming process, we decided it was going to be a mix between thriller, comedy & musical. It turned out to be a riff on all three. My days as a Tenor in my college choir are well behind me so I resolved to do a dance only number rather than singing. A decision very well received by Goolshun. I picked a Salman Khan dance video (Dhinka Chika) from the film ‘Ready’ and put us through the paces of learning a choreography that neither had seen before. We shot the dance part at the end of the day and were running out of sunlight very fast. I am not-doing-that-again (he says…again).

We think it turned out pretty well but you, our audience will either confirm/deny that. Please do watch it with your mates and let us know what you all think!