Rambles about depression


We’ve all suffered from depression at one point or another of our lives, we may not have known it then and chalked it off to a monday morning blues or post holiday blues or even PMS. For the majority of people, depression can be shrugged off but there is a sizeable % of the general population who cannot just drop it.
According to various sources, as many as 121 Million people worldwide have some form of depression and only 30 million of them have access to an effective source of treatment.

‘What is depression?’ is a question I’m often asked. The true answer is I wish I bloody knew. It can be characterised by deep sadness, lack of energy and will power to do even menial tasks or even getting up in the morning. Some people finds that if affects their devision making ability. The above are only the most common symptoms, there are so many variations that it would probably take a mainframe to list out the permutations. infinity sign.
A biological explanation could be: the chemicals that keep our brains functioning and keep us ‘sane’, tend to balance themselves out naturally, when depressed, those chemicals are produced in fluctuating amounts, therefore causing the brain to act abnormally. Blah! Maybe that’s why there are meds for depression, to regulate the flow of chems in the brain.

It is a legally recognised as an illness, which is awesome coz now if you have depression, people can’t say you’re just CRAZAY! Although you’ll probably think of yourself as just CrAZAY!!!

Who suffers from depression?
Everyone…although those who have a history of abuse, whether physical, sexual or emotional tend to be prone to it. Women are twice as likely to suffer due to having higher levels of estrogen than men. People who have participated in substance abuse are also known to suffer from depression.

The reduced confidence that comes with depression is perhaps what causes the latter. If i’m not sure of my own ability then I can’t put any weight behind my decisions so I just don’t decide.

Is depression fun?

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