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Rain, Sleet, ACTION – PFZ has a video!

Zombie Undead

So…this happened.

So..  after lots of words being jumbled and many confused judgmental stares from passers by and several.. and by several I mean MANY attempts (mostly on my part and Zaeem’s lol) we finally filmed our Crowdfunding video Pitch! (Yay!) The video was shot at the beautiful London Bridge, and in true British style, the weather of course was crap! But such a thing could never deter the almighty team members of Phat Fyterz!

Do you ever have two words in mind, and then when you actually try to speak,instead of saying them separately, you combine the two words together? That happened a lot during filming.. to me… it is an unfortunate side effect from being so intelligent and having to process so much knowledge at such high speeds, it ends up coming out all at once 😀 and if I wasn’t creating new words for the English Dictionary, I was making up lines that did not really make sense, as you do! The day was great fun! I had loads of fun distracting other members whilst filming with my silly dances, you know the dance you do when its really cold, and you need to keep warm? I also made friends with a lovely little dog who thought it would be a great idea to weave around my feet as I was walking.

Make up, costume

Sharing Filipino Munchies

Alice managed to do her part in one take, putting everyone else to shame, apart from me, my excuse was my intelligence, I have no idea why everyone else sucked 😛 Big thanks to Chris for filming Zaeem’s part of the Video! He had to hold it very steadily and not turn around whilst walking backwards, having Susi to guide him so as he didn’t fall over 🙂 Or crush any small children, the former reason was the most important! 😀 I wasn’t allowed to hold the camera 😦 I have very unsteady hands!.. and because I break everything, electronics specifically, although I have a sneaking suspicion I wasn’t allowed to hold the camera because Zaeem was just jealous that Susi gave me some sexy lip gloss to put on when it was my turn to be filmed and didn’t offer him any.
But yes! The filming was a success! and will be available for you all to watch in
Make Up Diva

Trying to get my make-up right…me=diva

awe very soon! In case some of you do not know what Crowdfunding is and are wondering “what the hell is this ‘Crowdfunding’ word she keeps mentioning… is she MAD!?” The concept is basically an initiative to help a particular person/project/event/campaign etc raise awareness and money by appealing to people who share similar interests to donate money (hence the word funding!, the world crowd – hopefully being YOU) Most pitches only last around 2 minutes! I sincerely hope that after watching this video, you will all be inspired by our enthusiasm and our vision!

Over and Out! – MIKA
Crew girls

My favorite expression: Screwed up face