I am Mika, hear me ROAR!


So it begins…here is finally the first of many to come blog posts for team Phat Fyterz! (rawr!) My name is Mika, and I am the PA and blogger (as you can see) of Phat Fyterz.

I found out about the Phat Fyterz project on my daily scan of Gumtree, whilst of course obsessively browsing YouTube for funny videos of cats (It is my guilty pleasure, I honestly cannot help myself!) you never know what you might find on that site. It is extremely useful – I have found jobs, free stuff, events plus more! This particular project appealed to me as I study business, (which)for me is very suppressive, and any kind of personality or creativity you do have isn’t really appreciated or necessary. Once upon a time I was bustling with creativity, thoughts and ideas, but that was only in school, college etc. I am extremely jealous of people who work in the creative industry, unlike them I decided to pursue a career that will make me money, not make me happy. A word of advice! Find a job that you love, and never work a day in your life.

I was incredibly nervous about meeting everyone at first for this ‘Introductory meeting’, who wouldn’t be? I was about to go and meet up a group of strangers who could all have been crazy axe murderers. Thankfully they were not all axe wielding nutcases, they were actually normal people! (Yay!) Myself and other members of the team managed to find each other before we even found Zaeem (No thanks to his crappy directions lol) I overheard Susi ask Alice if she was here to meet Zaeem too, I of course got all excited and was like OMG MEE TOO! Like a little school girl, must have been a great first impression 😉

This was the proposed agenda for the meeting:

  • Crew Introductions: 15min
  • PFZ 5* character outline and 1st season story Arc: 30min
  • PFZ Pilot script reading: 15min
  • Proposed Production Timeline and availability: 15min
  • Roles and Responsibilities (may take longer depending on no. of attendees): 10min
  • Crowdfunding Brainstorming: 15min
  • Q&A: 10min
  • AOB: 10min

Can you believe it; this all actually took a marathon 3 hours. The strangest thing for me was that it did not actually feel like 3 hours, and I am sure like many others in the world, I have an INCREDIBLY short attention span: I once thought I was going deaf, so went to doctors to have all sorts of tests done, for my doc to only tell me ‘Nope, you’re not deaf, you just don’t pay attention and listen to people’ Lovely eh? I could not believe it when Zaeem mentioned that it was 11pm. Conversation just seemed to have flowed so freely, I was just so comfortable in our little get together, and that engaged in the topic that we must have been in our own little world to have let 3 hours slip past us.

For me, the beauty of art and all its sub-sections is its ability to bring people together, Through Phat Fyterz I have met some awesome people, I LOVE that they are nothing like me, nor my friends/family – They are different and I love it, it’s refreshing! (I hope the feeling is mutual! Or I will end up looking like a complete dick Lol) It is incredible and I love the diversity of people that I have met being on this team. For me, it really is difficult to comprehend that you can miss out on meeting some really great people simply by being pigeon holed into going to the same bar, same restaurant, club etc, it all becomes too familiar and boring. This has been the start of something that I know is going to be really fun and interesting, possibly stressful, but what’s the point if the tasks you take on aren’t challenging huh?

Our next task is for some of the members to go off for some fun location scouting, and then some time down the line we will all shoot our Crowdfunding video – to put our acting abilities to the test! Bound to be amusing! I would love to keep the outtakes of it that is for sure! Until next time guys!


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