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The City by Night – Partie UN!


After two weeks of photographic impotence, I knew I was wasting time and decided to go on a photowalk around London Bridge/Tower Hill. See, I work in LDN bridge and see these sights everyday from one side of the river and I often wonder what it looks like from the other side. It would be unforgivable If I didn’t attempt to capture those sights that grace my eyes everyday.

Tower Bridge on a saturday night (or shud I say afternoon, it was 4h30 when I started, bloomin daylight savings). Place was filled with tourists and I happened to be sporting a lo-hawk(a low mohawk, yes I’m handy with a hair clapper) which I used to scare them and their kids.Mrahahaahaaa. I picked this shot because I thought the headlight glare and reflections on passers-by, gave it a sort of 3D look.

I liked the view framed by the constructicon(see:transfomers) on the right and the castle on the left, wall of buildings in front, feels like they’re all encasing a big patch of green.

Above left:I just liked the Crane looking like its standing over The Shard. Above right:That’s the closest thing to Optimus Prime i’ve seen in real life. Again, color/contrast. I hope you’re vieweing this on a decent screen as my laptop screen is kinda low res compared to my camera’s lcd itself. The crispness of the colors can only really be seen on an HD screen(sadly I’m too lazy to connect my cam to my tv).

On this one it took me a while to decide how much foliage I wanted in the frame and I decided to let it reach half the upper frame as the color complements the image and helps create contrast and depth.

These are cheap shots in a way, I’ve seen these hundreds of times in magazines and wanted to re-create my own. I afforded me the opportunity to muck around with the shutter speed so yay, learned something new. I lke the ghostly look, I gotta try Bokeh and other light effects very soon. The cool thing with these is that it can be easily done in the comfort of my room.

The empty bit on the river bank to the right really draws me into this shot, like I could swim out the water, get on the bank, walk along it to this mysterious city full of lights.

See that gate beneath the bridge, me wants to open it. I dunno why I took this shot anymore…maybe I just liked the over/under ground look.

This shot evokes Gotham city to me, if you don’t know what Gotham City is then please…just…go find out 🙂 I can totally imagine the batmobile or ‘tumbler’ riding past these lights and perhaps the batwing flying past Wayne Tower. This is also kindof a research shot for a film treatment that I wrote a few months ago. I’m definitely using this shot when the film gets made.

Le Naturiste


I liked this shot because I’d seen many similar ones in magazines n that and wanted my own version. Also because the blistering sun light hidden by the leaves, to me, represents hope. Hope is right in front of you, move the foliage out the way and embrace it.

The bird house in the middle of the pond is as unusual as it is beautiful. Framed with wooden poles from the nearby bridge and voila. Only thing what wuda made this better would’ve been a uv filter and a tripod for a slow shutter shot. Oh and maybe a zoom lens that woulda let me capture a mahoosive Heron which landed and stood guard on the house-y just after this pic.

This view truly reminds me of landscapes from Disney films, the fountain on the left hand side is aligned with the building in a way that makes it totally look like its coming out of said building. I was half-expecting Ariel to emerge from the water but only saw duck poop floating on it. The london eye on the right completes the framing beautifully and the color tone of the photo gives it an ‘old london’ art deco-ey feel that I really enjoy. I didn’t find what I was looking for though, I guess my princess is in another castle (‘mario reference’ for the internet-meme impaired out there).

Couples suck! Two people who do everything together, complete each other’s sentences, eat each other’s boogies, fart in each other’s company, sex each other up, eww. Im single (rant over). A photographer can’t deny the amount of creative opportunities in-built within a relationship. The body language, in jokes, twitches and tiny changes in expression that only these two people can read in each other. As a visual content artist, it is with glee that one attempts to capture these fleeting moments of intimacy. Glee I tell you, GLEE!

The loch-ingham palace monster. I love it when God makes stuff like this. Anthropomorphic and crazy shapes in trees/clouds and even stones. This is clearly a dragon with leaves as the feathers on its wings (contrary to popular belief, dragons don’t got leather wings so…suck it)

This isn’t a special photo at all, the flower is nice but the framing itself isn’t anything to brag about. I like it for the purely accidental reason that the dead flower out of focus on the right looks like a fricking baby godzilla who’s about to tear this thing apart. Yes, I have a wild imagination. I surprise myself everyday.

‘I smell trees’ is what this lady said when I asked her WTF she was doing in my shot. I really should’ve looked up what kinda tree this is coz the shiny copper-y look of the outer bark is psychedelic. If I was high at the time of taking this picture (like the lady clearly is) I’d probably do more than smell it, I’d cut a piece off and lick it. Yummm, shiny tree bark. I’d call the product ShinyTrark (I know, right)!

Many many fruities, all seemingly the same but I am unique. I grow in the middle of this tiny stem attached to a ridiculously thin placenta and I’ma show you who’s boss once I grow up. I am…Barry…the red berry!