Ye Old English!


Tis been 10 days (this is becoming a habbit now), I’d really rather write once a week but ‘meh’ gets in the way. Procrastination is an affliction even for hyperactive clinically diagnosed weirdos.
The gumtree ad worked wonders, I now have a potential AD and second ‘unit’, a graphics artist for title FX, a make up artist and a multitasker. I hope to ‘interview’ the latter four in early november. I hope we all get along. I still need a boom operator with his own boom, boom…its a fun word to say.
I have a clearer idea of what the crowdfunding video will be like now, I need to sit down and write it, keep it at 2minutes tops. I also need to do a fifth re-write as I’ve been musing about the main character’s starting point and she’s already too close to her end point when the story starts so I need to ‘sort’ her out, using subtlety to display her character rather than broad strokes of absolute.
On an unrelated note, I did my first photoshoot last saturday and it went really well (i was the photog, not the model mind you). I may post some of the pics and my own critique here soon.

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