Melancolic Blues


Ha, so its been 10 days since my first post, 10 whole days and what is my progress I hear you ask?! ‘Fuck all’ would be the appropriate expression.
Going through a tough time personally this month and the change of season is bringing back a melancolic side that I never knew I had. All the better though as sadness and other similar feelings lend themselves very well to becoming fuel for the creative engine.
Lets see, I did do a few minor re-writes to PFZ:EP1 and I also sent part of the script to a doctor so that he could tell me if my imaginary doctor’s lines sounded genuine enough.
I’ve been catching up on my spiderman reading and have two pages left, I didn’t finish those on the way home as I decided to finally reopen Alex Mack’s book and continue reading. Took me a while to even remember where I stopped, I need one of those book…mark…things…I think.
I did ask two different people if they wanted to help me out as camera operators for PFZ, one said maybe, the other hasn’t replied. I’m considering shelling out for raindance membership just so I have access to their student/resource pool. Maybe I’ll find my AD and other crew members there.
On a positive note, I went on a photo walk in a part of east london I hadn’t visited in 2 years, sitting by the river was…calming. Some dickhead replaced my keyboard with a broken one, at the office. I’m still deciding on how to get back at him. Yea, i’m territorial.

Tonight I start anew, within the next three hours I will have placed an ad for collaborators and typed up the latest amendments to the PFZ script in Celtx and looked up what type of RAM my laptop requires so that I can double the current capacity. Oh and I woulda made dinner as well. Booyah!

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