Its all part of the plan.

The notebook that I used to write Phat Fyterz

The Scriptbook

I shall hereby declare my thoughts on writing, directing, acting, producing and other film related ‘ings’. I promise you an interesting (for me) read once a week (at least). I’ll also try and include pictures each time, coz i’m a media consuming freak and so should everyone else be.

The first project i’ll talk about here is ‘PHAT FYTERZ’. I wrote the outline for PHAT FYTERZ early last year on my work blackberry on the way to a site outside london, instead of preparing for my meeting with a customer.  Phat Fyterz is a web series about an ensemble of ladies under 30 at different stages of their careers, relationships and life in general. And no, its nothing like Sex and The City…brrrr.

I only started writing an outline of the first episode, about three weeks ago and a week after that I had my first draft. Last week, I wrote two additional drafts. So we’re now at V3 which is pretty much Alpha as far as i’m concerned. There is one ‘I’ page that’s bothering me and I hope to have it shortened by the weekend.

Cover of On Filmmaking Book

Brain Rewiring Read

I have also been reading ‘On Filmmaking’ by Alexander Mackendrick which has proved invaluable in helping me write dialogue or perhaps write less dialogue and ‘show’ more. I’m only on chapter 1 but its already changed the way I think about story and character development.

I am currently looking for an assistant director to help me with planning and if he or she can draw, all the better as i’m currently story-boarding and preparing my shots. I’m also developing a few ideas about how to raise the cash to shoot the pilot and budgeting. I also now have a list of networks that I would like to pitch the series to, once the pilot is ready.

Target for next week is to write a fourth draft, get a specific part of dialogue reviewed by someone in the medical field, translate at least 8 more pages into a storyboard (only done 2 so far) and read another chapter of pearls from Alex Mac.

Pray we succeed.

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