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Basejumping Bat Ninjas


Action shots are cool, so is base jumping. Our model here (ha, model) ‘base jumped’ from a public bench armrest barely 2 feet above the ground and managed to get to 6 feet in the air to get us this shot. The reflection on the left hand side shows what has been cut out of the right hand side, creating a ‘pseudo panorama’. Kudos to the model for taking his coat off in winter, the white T-shirt (a size smaller than it should be) helps make him stand out and balances the color distribution at the same time.

Action figures lend themselves very well to photography in general as they tend to do what you want them to do, you dont gotta feed em or be nice to them and can undress them whenever you like, unlike human models(pah). Unfortunately, I do not have a macro lens and was oblivious to the fact that the camera has a macro mode until a couple days ago so my close up shots werent as good as I wanted them to be. The green filmic tone was added using a ‘toy camera’ filter in post, it works surprisingly well, considering that this is supposed to make it look toyish and fake.

I took two shots of the batmen but preferred the above as the Dark Knight suit displays a lot more detail than the begins suit and the mini studio lights that I used, accentuated the countours of the cowl. Sexy. Although I should really try and do something with the Begins suit in full view at some point.

I hereby present my half-arsed attempt at making Ninja Grey Fox (MGS Fame) look all noir-ey. The transparent (stealth camo) version of the figure is the one in focus, trust me, this didn’t look even half decent before it was black n whited…yea, thats a word now.
In case you didn’t already know, ninjas are awesome in all forms. They can creep up on you, cut your heart out while you’re reading this post at your computer and leave so quietly that you only realise you’re dead after reading this sentence as your blood would have completely filled your stomaaa….argh.

Full set here:

And more here from my first photo walk:

Ye Old English!


Tis been 10 days (this is becoming a habbit now), I’d really rather write once a week but ‘meh’ gets in the way. Procrastination is an affliction even for hyperactive clinically diagnosed weirdos.
The gumtree ad worked wonders, I now have a potential AD and second ‘unit’, a graphics artist for title FX, a make up artist and a multitasker. I hope to ‘interview’ the latter four in early november. I hope we all get along. I still need a boom operator with his own boom, boom…its a fun word to say.
I have a clearer idea of what the crowdfunding video will be like now, I need to sit down and write it, keep it at 2minutes tops. I also need to do a fifth re-write as I’ve been musing about the main character’s starting point and she’s already too close to her end point when the story starts so I need to ‘sort’ her out, using subtlety to display her character rather than broad strokes of absolute.
On an unrelated note, I did my first photoshoot last saturday and it went really well (i was the photog, not the model mind you). I may post some of the pics and my own critique here soon.

Melancolic Blues


Ha, so its been 10 days since my first post, 10 whole days and what is my progress I hear you ask?! ‘Fuck all’ would be the appropriate expression.
Going through a tough time personally this month and the change of season is bringing back a melancolic side that I never knew I had. All the better though as sadness and other similar feelings lend themselves very well to becoming fuel for the creative engine.
Lets see, I did do a few minor re-writes to PFZ:EP1 and I also sent part of the script to a doctor so that he could tell me if my imaginary doctor’s lines sounded genuine enough.
I’ve been catching up on my spiderman reading and have two pages left, I didn’t finish those on the way home as I decided to finally reopen Alex Mack’s book and continue reading. Took me a while to even remember where I stopped, I need one of those book…mark…things…I think.
I did ask two different people if they wanted to help me out as camera operators for PFZ, one said maybe, the other hasn’t replied. I’m considering shelling out for raindance membership just so I have access to their student/resource pool. Maybe I’ll find my AD and other crew members there.
On a positive note, I went on a photo walk in a part of east london I hadn’t visited in 2 years, sitting by the river was…calming. Some dickhead replaced my keyboard with a broken one, at the office. I’m still deciding on how to get back at him. Yea, i’m territorial.

Tonight I start anew, within the next three hours I will have placed an ad for collaborators and typed up the latest amendments to the PFZ script in Celtx and looked up what type of RAM my laptop requires so that I can double the current capacity. Oh and I woulda made dinner as well. Booyah!

Its all part of the plan.

The notebook that I used to write Phat Fyterz

The Scriptbook

I shall hereby declare my thoughts on writing, directing, acting, producing and other film related ‘ings’. I promise you an interesting (for me) read once a week (at least). I’ll also try and include pictures each time, coz i’m a media consuming freak and so should everyone else be.

The first project i’ll talk about here is ‘PHAT FYTERZ’. I wrote the outline for PHAT FYTERZ early last year on my work blackberry on the way to a site outside london, instead of preparing for my meeting with a customer. ¬†Phat Fyterz is a web series about an ensemble of ladies under 30 at different stages of their careers, relationships and life in general. And no, its nothing like Sex and The City…brrrr.

I only started writing an outline of the first episode, about three weeks ago and a week after that I had my first draft. Last week, I wrote two additional drafts. So we’re now at V3 which is pretty much Alpha as far as i’m concerned. There is one ‘I’ page that’s bothering me and I hope to have it shortened by the weekend.

Cover of On Filmmaking Book

Brain Rewiring Read

I have also been reading ‘On Filmmaking’ by Alexander Mackendrick which has proved invaluable in helping me write dialogue or perhaps write less dialogue and ‘show’ more. I’m only on chapter 1 but its already changed the way I think about story and character development.

I am currently looking for an assistant director to help me with planning and if he or she can draw, all the better as i’m currently story-boarding and preparing my shots. I’m also developing a few ideas about how to raise the cash to shoot the pilot and budgeting. I also now have a list of networks that I would like to pitch the series to, once the pilot is ready.

Target for next week is to write a fourth draft, get a specific part of dialogue reviewed by someone in the medical field, translate at least 8 more pages into a storyboard (only done 2 so far) and read another chapter of pearls from Alex Mac.

Pray we succeed.